[RELEASE][PAID][ESX & QBCore] Tebex-Api Donationsystem

It is cheaper if you dont plan to use it for longer than 10 months. I never said that the packages are different, theyre both the same and will both receive the same updates, the only difference is that you pay one monthly and the other one once.

I know that you never said that they’re different but you are talking about it as if it were, and that’s all I said.

Fivem servers make a lot of money.
With this script you can make even more profit, unfortunately most server owners are really stingy.

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qb version possible for this ?

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Not yet, at the moment only esx

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I normally don’t respond to stuff like this but 200 is way too much. Especially when the same type of script costs a fraction of this one and isn’t obfuscated. 🔴 Core Credits [ESX/QB] - Monitize your server further (Case Openings, Shop, Tasks, Rewards)

Yes is Rage Grand RP

u get coins from tebex packages u setup which is redeemed in game i assume so basically your own server form of 'premium coins"

how does it look in-game

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like in the picture, it will be shown as a tablet ingame

When you buy the Lifetime it is encrypted ?

Yes it is, but there are a lot of configuration options so you don’t need the source, the garage part is open source so you can change it in case it don’t work with your garage system

is the command to use it configurable ?

No it isn’t

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— Now also supporting QBCore —

Is the script locked script or ip?

It’s protected with FiveM escrow, so it’s locked to your cfx account

200 euro for a locked script? why not giving it open source for that kind of price tag.

Price is now 40€

Is it possible to deactivate the case category completely and only use the shop?