[RELEASE] [PAID] [ESX] Phone Hacking

Phone Hacking

Use the RF Scanner and complete the mini game to scan the area for phone signals
Hack the signal and download the users credentials onto an encrypted usb
Sell the encrypted usbs to the guy at life invader!

v1.1 Update

  • As requested you can now hack atms, with its own config options
  • Fixed an issue with using multiple scanners


  • You can wire transfer money directly or steal data to sell or both. (Configurable)
  • Seller - Dirty Money or Bank (Configurable)
  • Supports mhacking & progressBars (Configurable)
  • Supports Mythic Notify or ESX Notifications
  • Support for Cop Alerts (If you run your own system, most people do right?)
  • OneSync only (Server side protection)
  • Not Obfuscated or IP Locked
  • Configurable
  • Discord logs
  • Supports ESX v1.1/1.2
  • Optimised, 0.01ms idle. 0.01ms while in use, 0.02ms at seller
  • All item images included


  • ESX
  • Mythic Notify (Optional)
  • mhacking (Optional)
  • progressBars (Optional)
  • OneSync


  • My scripts are made with protection against cheaters in mind.
  • My scripts come with future updates and fixes.

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This looks super cool! Good work.

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This is super amazing! Nice work.

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Well made script, haven’t encountered any issue so far. Keep up the good work, the FiveM community needs developers like you :slight_smile:

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works sweet! thanks for the support with it too

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Thanks for the feedback guys, any suggestions let me know :slight_smile:

Nice work man! Looks really cool!

Cheers man, just released an update that lets you hack into ATMS too :ok_hand:

Seems amazing! Can’t wait to check that on my localhost.

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Nice release

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Thanks, Lemme know if you have any suggestions for updates!

link for buy here doesnt work?

Updated the link, sorry thought I’d done it. Must have missed this one!