[RELEASE] [PAID] [ESX] Bait Hunting

Bait Hunting
Im aware there is a few hunting scripts out there, but none of them fitted my needs.
I didnt add a way to get the sniper and hunting knife, people run alot of different weapon shops anyway.
If i get enough requests for a way to get a sniper and a knife, then i can add one.

Place down bait, and move away from the area.
Wait for the Animal to approach the bait.
Shoot it and cut it up for a chance to recieve different quality pelts.
Animals will flee if you get too close and if they finish eating the bait.

V1.3 update

  • Fixed an error that sometimes happened if it failed to find an Animal
  • Fixed an issue with the “Anti Troll Sniper”


  • Supports Native GTA Zones.
    • Can only Bait up in certain Zones. (Configurable)
  • Low/Med/High Quality Pelts for each Animal, also loot Meat!
    • Pigs, Boars, Deers, Coyotes, Lions. (Configurable)
    • Legal or Illegal Pelts. (Configurable)
    • Loot Meat & Amount. (Configurable)
  • Adds Support for Hunting License.
    • Buy License. (Configurable)
    • Price. (Configurable)
  • Seller
    • NPC or Marker sell points. (Configurable)
    • Sell Pelts & Meat.
    • Sell Illegal Pelts at night.
    • Only sell with License. (Configurable)
    • Sell anything only at night if no License. (Configurable)
  • Supports DrawText or TriggerEvent for cutting up animals. (Configurable)
  • Anti Troll Sniper, cannot kill Players or Peds. (Configurable)
  • Supports Mythic Notify or ESX Notifications.
  • Supports progressBar. (Configurable)
  • OneSync only. (Server side protection)
  • Not Obfuscated or IP Locked.
  • Highly Configurable.
  • Discord logs.
  • Supports ESX v1.1/1.2.
  • Optimised
    • 0.01ms idle.
    • 0.01ms while in use.
    • 0.04ms (Aiming down Sniper Scope with Anti Troll enabled)
    • 0.05ms (Near DrawText)
    • 0.02ms (Near Seller)


  • My scripts are made with protection against cheaters in mind.
  • My scripts come with future updates and fixes.

Buy Here


  • ESX
  • progressBar (Optional)
  • Mythic Notify (Optional)
  • Esx License (Optional with config = false)
  • MySql (License, Optional)
  • OneSync

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Interior by Hedwig, it is not supplied in this resource, you can get it here:
[MLO] Hunting Equipment Store [Add-on SP/ FiveM] - GTA5-Mods.com


Do you have a discount for multiple purchases of your product? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I do now :smiley:

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Just want to say, your scripts are so quality man. Please keep up the great work.

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Appreciate the words man. Means alot!

Sweet script, love how optimised it is, keep it up!

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V1.3 update

  • Fixed an error that sometimes happened if it failed to find an Animal
  • Fixed an issue with the “Anti Troll Sniper”

Your scripts are among some of the best. Can’t wait to see what you release next. Super high quality plus quick replies with support.

How do I get the updated version ?

Check the Readme. If you still struggling, then send me a pm :slight_smile:

Amazing script. Thank you!

However, i tried without ProgressBars and even turned off config for it but cutting animal it gave me error, so after getting ProgressBars it worked :slight_smile: Gorgeous.

Ah, I must have missed a config! I’ll add it thank you

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Hey mate - script works great, only issue is performance. Spiking up above .2 for most hunters when in use, and giving them warnings on their screen. Haven’t really changed anything, is there some config I can change to help?

Edit: Testing myself, it got up to 2.45 ms. I tried adding in it to delete the entity after skinning thinking that was it, but no avail. Usage just keeps creeping up the more you hunt.

Hmm, can’t see why it would keep spiking up, I tested it loads and never had any issues. The only thing I really noticed that made it increased to .2 is the loop that stops you being able to shoot peds and players (with the sniper equip) and it certainly shouldn’t give any players a warning.

A lot of people run this script without issue, and I definitely have never seen it go anywhere near 2.45ms. I wouldn’t release it if I did.

I will investigate when I get home later on, see if I can see anything.

Edit: it could be missing a unload model from memory native but I’m pretty sure it’s not, as I said will check it out later for you.

@Skeetzy Ive just killed 10 animals and the ms is consistant with the original post.
There is no increase in MS at all during my lastest testing.

If you could pm me and provide me some more info, then maybe i can help, but as far as i can see there is no issue with script performance.

If you want the script to stay at 0.01/0.02 and not increase up to 0.04/05, youll have to turn the “antitroll” sniper off in the config. There is no way to improve the ms of this loop as it needs to run per frame to stop people getting around it unfortuantly.

Just another thing, you mentioned that you tried to add delete the entity on skinning, but the script does that by default, so im a lil confused?

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100% the sniper anti-troll function. Disabled that and back to a cool 0.01ms :sunglasses:

Awesome script, well worth the money!!

Bought the script but can’t figure out where to get the Anti Troll Sniper. I thought the Hunting Store would sell them. My server doesn’t use guns so I need the Anti Troll Sniper.

The Anti-Troll sniper is just a config/function to stop the regular sniper from shooting players. You still need the WEAPON_SNIPERRIFLE in order hunt.