[Release] Original-Street-Names-w-Postal-Numbers

** GTA V Map Modified Street Names w/ Postal Numbers**

This is a basic modification to the GTA V Street Names mod by adding postal/block numbers to the map which can be viewed from the pause menu.

Additional Credits and Original Link to the mod and creator are included in the Download

Download: https://github.com/Priest0802/Street-Names-w-Postal-Numbers-v1.4

Also!! Check out this script that works along side my Postal Script
Created by: BlockBa5her Nearest Postal Script

Virus Scan:


Both server side resource and client side files are set up to be drag and drop for easy install

Server Resource =

  1. add the map folder to the resources folder within your FX Server
  2. add start map to your server config.

Client Resource =

  1. Drag the FiveM Application Data folder into your FiveM instalation folder

  2. install complete

Manual Server Sided Installation:

1) If you have not installed the origional mod you must download it and install it before adding these files.
*1.1) Updated to Include the mapzoomdata.meta file, downloading the origional mod is not required for this file any longer.

  1. Open the resources folder of your FiveM / FiveM server.

  2. Create a new folder titled “mods” add the __resource.lua inside the mods folder.

  3. Create a new folder titled “stream”

  4. Drag and drop the files from the origional mod into the stream folder.

  5. Drag and drop the files from this pack into the stream folder and overwrite the requested files.

Server Side :
\FX Server \resources\mods\stream> minimap_sea__.ytd (6 in total)

  1. Launch your sever and check out your new Block Numbers

Manual Client Side Installation of mapzomedata.meta:


  1. Put “mapzoomdata.meta” in “\FiveM\citizen\common\data\ui”

To sum up the install:

Client Side:
\FiveM Application Data\citizen\common\data\ui > mapzoomdata.meta

UPDATE 03/17/2018 - v1.1

Added mapzoomdata.meta to zip file for ease of access, rather then having users go to the direct link.
Set folders to be a drag and drop for client side install.

UPDATE 03/29/2018 - v1.2

Added map server resource for easy install onto the FX Server

UPDATE 04/04/2018 - v1.3

Updated Mapping : Added Mile Markers to Major Highways / Interstates

UPDATE 09/11/2018 - v1.4

Updated Mapping : Updated Mile Markers to Major Highways / Interstates
Updated Mapping : Added Interstate Routes to Mapping
Fixed: Multiple Duplicate Block Numbers

Added: Optional Mapping with Los Santos County / Blaine County border

UPDATE 11/18/2020 - v1.5
Updated resource to fxmanifest
Added mini map streaming


Noooooooo. Shouldn’t have released this. :frowning:

Edit: to everyone thinking something is wrong with this, there isn’t anything wrong. Just sad to see this released.

Server Side Or Client Side?

server sided resource

Why not? nothing wrong is it?

Why? What’s wrong with it?

Why not. There is nothing wrong with it.

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I think he means that it was privately posted on the DOJ website (need an account to access) and it was downloaded and publicly posted on here. @DTOX_GAMING posted a picture, but has since removed it.

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DOJ may have something similar with what I assume is there own Block Numbers, however this is my own modification to the map, with my own numbers added to the texture file and is no way affiliated to them. Which is all I am taking credit for.


Thanks for clearing that up.


Works great, any chance of a higher quality map?

Meta file is missing

Follow the directions… You first need to download the original mod from HighSpeed-Gaming linked in the OP. Then replace all the files in that download with the new ones from this download.

Oh ok thank you very much.

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Bad Res. Nice try though.

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Agreed, can’t read street names when zoomed in. Is there a way to fix this?

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Interesting. As I didn’t adjust the resolution of the originals map at all. I’ll look into it.

No rush, but any updates? Just curious.

What sort of updates? Any ideas? Just wondering.

I was just wondering of there were any updates from Priest about the resolution issue. My members and I cannot read the street names when zoomed in. All files are in the correct folders. Just wondering if Priest had a chance to look at it yet.