[Release] Original-Street-Names-w-Postal-Numbers

Why not release it to the public? it helps grow the Fivereborn community as a whole.

This is a open community for people to share their work not keep it secret

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It’s me simply saying he shouldn’t have released it because of people like you who just come by here to take what you can rather than creating your own.


He added numbers to a map that many servers already have available on their website and are installed into fiveM. I got the same map minus the numbers from SoE. It’s really not that big a deal. “Why reinvent the wheel, when it’s already made.”

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Hello there, i just added this to my server to try it out and its looks fine zoomed all the way out but if i zoom in the modded map kinda dissapears, is there a fix for this or am i just missing something?

My issue was the same as you describe and i found the issue was with
#7) Put “mapzoomdata.meta” in “\FiveReborn\citizen\common\data\ui”

what did you do to resolve it?

You are missing the meta file, or did not install it correctly. Make sure to read the original post carefully.

You first need to download the original mod from HighSpeed-Gaming linked in the OP. Then replace all the files in that download with the new ones from this download.

i put the meta file where it should be in the ui folder, dosnt seem to matter with or without it does the same thing.

EDIT oooh i see it has to be in the client

Hello !
I can’t find the __resource.lua file. It’s not in the download… Have I miss something ?

just make the file, open notepad and then keep it blank and save it as __resource.lua and put it into the folder

but \FiveReborn\citizen\common\data\ui is not server side right?

Right, that is client side.

It’s no side as there’s no such thing called ‘FiveReborn’.

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The map is working great ! Just overwrite the requested files. I did not create a __resource.lua or a new fodler as mention in step 3 to 5. Installation is more simple as described. Very good.

Thanks for your job, work prefectly!

where do i get the map meta

Whats wrong with it? it works perfect

except doj pays scripters for some of there scripts as he said he made his own but when you pay some one to do it for your server and only yours you don’t want it to get leaked but the postol codes for doj were made by a member in his free time that way officers didn’t have to try to rember street names and just the postal code dispatch gave out or when there is a traffic stop dispatch knows a relatvive location not just ex us route 68 faceing north bound but ex us route 68 northbound by postal [insert a postal here] makes it a one up on other coummunitys trying to compete with doj but as he stated he made it is own just looks simualur

People don’t won’t fivem to be a community they just won’t there own like doj (polecat) no one cares anymore it’s kinda upsetting