[Release] OCRP Community Releases

Anyway to turn down the brightness

go to __resource.lua and change it to ocrp_postal.json

Well I’m not having any luck with that for some reason. What I do notice is the old-postals.json has a list of coordinates for each postal it corresponds to. So I figured I just need the ocrp_postals.json file that has all the coordinates that matches to OCRPs map and I’d be good.

Ya know what, I just figured it out. The resource I had did not include the OCRP postals json like I thought. I’m all good now. Thanks!


Any idea why I get these white blocks on all the PD departments?


EDIT: Ok, so it’s something to do with vMenu blips, hide them all and it goes.


Is this a server side map or client?

It’s server side

So im having issues, my hud appears completely transparent and show’s no textures… I have the ocrp map installed, any clue how to fix it?

@HunterReece From what I remember it does so automatically because the minimap is a section of the map streamed to wherever you/fivem/r* put it on screen.

What character menu do you use? I’ve seen streamers use it to select between civilian and leo characters. It switches the character and the clothing.

It’s the one on this release its the ESX_skin

Though it doesn’t work with ESX v1 Final, hopefully I can fix that.

is there a nearest postal for it

Was there ever an explanation as to how to make the anchor work?

Hey so can someone Please help me find there nearest postal script!

I got that hud and downloaded it. But it dosent show on my server

Anyone know why my hud not showin? its shows that lil clock but nothing else

Is there anyway to make it so the HUD shows up when your outside of a vehicle as well?

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