[Release] Nurburgring GP and Nordschleife - 16.1 miles of race tracks for FiveM [v1.20]

I can’t say it any other way I LOVE IT!!!
i recently added this map to my server and it’s SOOO cool :smile: everyone loves it! But i have a question; is there any way we can add this Nürburgring GP Circuit 4K Retexture - GTA5-Mods.com to the map because i think that would look pretty fine :slight_smile: maybe someone is able to help me, i hope so!

Thanks in advance.

i have this map on both my rp(Chilled Vibes RP Rebirth) and freeroam (RYG Nation) fivem server’s

I have problem with this map.
I have installed it on my server and added it to the server.cfg
But ingame the map is not showing, i can’t find it.
Anyone please help! :smiley:

Having same issue

Any particular reason why our teleport function from the trailer fails to work/ notify us of a possible teleport?