[Release] [Non-ELS] Unmarked Police Pack Addon 1.1

3232 lines which on is the MetaHandling and what number should i put in there , im guesing is a number just because the other lines , my Ford Escape flip so easily is annoying

<handlingId>BALLER2</handlingId> should do the truck for unmarked1. You can try and figure out the rest just by doing that one.

@BlueJ I’m trying to find the original mods. Can you link it to me? I am trying to find the templates…

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New pack will be coming out soon… a lot better. This outdated and I didn’t know what I was doing lol. Just watch out for a new pack

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this pack work on my server but all vehicule is white, what is the name of texture in .yft for change that ?


Hi there!

I love this car and I want to make a Fugetive Recovery Agent skin for it but I dont know where to put the logos and stuff so I wanted to ask if you have any templates that i could use… if yes I’d provide my files to be uploaded with this file.

Thanks in advance Da_real_Toxic

@BlueJ your discord invite link is expired :wink:

I’m having the same problem with colors. Everything is white. Any fix for this?

Sorry bud, I’m part of a custom modding group now. DM me if you want link :slight_smile:

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This pack is so unbelievably ass that i cant even describe it with words.

I have the same issue but x1000

split the vehicle texture files fivem can only stream 16mb

there are Screenshots

Do you have the templates for these vehicles?

I get the cars are free but don’t false advertise as half of them are broken and just outright junk. I don’t expect a redneck pack but at least make them work.