[Release] [Non-ELS] Unmarked Police Pack Addon 1.1


Unmarked Police Pack Addon


  • This pack is an addon to your server
  • Very simple to install
  • Amazing Vehicles
  • Non-ELS
  • Made by BlueJ
  • I DID NOT MAKE THESE VEHICLE - I just made them addons for your server :smiley:


  1. Drag and drop the unmarked-police-pack.zip in your FiveM server resources folder
  2. Go into your server.cfg and add ‘start unmarked-police-pack’
  3. Start your server
  4. With a trainer, go to ‘Spawn by vehicle name’ then enter a car name


unmarked1 - FPIU Unmarked
unmarked2 - Dodge Charger 2010
unmarked3 - Toyota Camry Unmakred
unmarked4 - Ford Mustang GT 2016
unmarked5 - 2010 Ford F350
unmarked6 - CVPI
unmarked7 - 2012 FPIS
unmarked8 - 2015 Tahoe
unmarked9 - Dodge Charger 2009

Download Link

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Some Screen Shots

2009 Dodge Charger (unmarked9) Made by: PSource

FPIU Unmarked (unmarked1) Made by: Pricefield

2010 Ford F350 (unmarked5) Made by: SOLDI3RFX

Ford Mustang GT 2016 (unmarked4) **Made by: Double Doppler

My Discord* https://discord.gg/FJ46eKa


Screenshots???, people want to know what they are downloading.

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Thanks totally forgot to add them lol

No problem, its people do want to know what cars they are and do u have any links to the original cars or any links to the authors who made the car model’s and skins?

Looks like LSPDFR.com is down for me, but I do not have the original links. I will look into them later tonight and add pictures :smiley:

lspdfr.com is back up

PS: please post screenshots

http://prntscr.com/hhhf8m are the lights meant to be all the way below the car i dont think they are has they take away the brightness of the lights

The lights should work, they perfect on my server anyways.

I’m taking the pictures right now it will take a second

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http://prntscr.com/hhhidz Hmmmmmmmmm yeah lol

wtf, that is weird, look at the textures and see if something is wrong with them. There perfectly fine on my server.

its a nice pack but i will only be using 2 cars from this pack here is a screenshot https://prnt.sc/hhhkn5

Thank you, I cannot spawn unmarked1 and 2 for some reason, but ill add a diffrent unmarked4 and update it :smiley:

Where can i download them at?

Download link will be up soon, working on getting the pack fixed.

okay thank you and can you make ELS Cars Non ELS?

These are non ELS
(20 Characters)

Is there a way you add an unmarked impala?

Yay. More Car packs. Whatever will we do without 4+ car pack releases a day…

Great pack, I love it! Using almost all of the vehicles, thanks for release! :mascot: