[Release] Night_tints Weapon styles and tints

With this script you can change your weapon tint colors, you can also change your weapon aiming animation enjoy






what is that script when u holster pistol like holstering real model its seems very cool good script btw gj

its just a check for the weapons hashes, and bones to spawn the weapon on the back

yeah its seems cool

Trying to test out the script. Seems great, the only issue is that i cant seem to get the ped animations for aiming/firing to work. No errors in the F8 menu, just not working.

It only works for the pistol that’s how the native works

Gotcha. I got it working. Love the script, I just wish it was server-sided. Amazing release though!

The tints i believe are server side, the animations i can probably make them server side.

The mouse dose not go away when i back out of the menu any reason for this?

Try maybe not changing the name of the menu resource!

server sided ?

can you give me weapon on back ?