[Release][Standalone] NeroHiro’s Context Menu - Dynamic Event Firing Menu


I really liked the look of these dark themed context menus but haven’t seen a lot released, now I’m sure mine isn’t the best but it’s very simple to use, minimalistic, and allows to build powerful context menus in very little time. I hope you all find a use for this and enjoy it, it goes great with my other resource:

Pretty simple to use, you can build a menu using the main event and include menu options in a table and the js will do the rest for you, you can pass events with arguments! If you need examples check the readme on the github.

Github/Source Code Download

If you need instructions on installation/use just read the Readme on the github!



Looks good man keep up the good work!

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Sheeeessshh looks :fire:

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Loving your recent releases keep it up!

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Nice release brother!

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Great release man will come in handy for alot of people im sure.

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Absolutely awesome, going to change my entire server !!


Hey, so I’m receiving a bug with your script. The bug I’m receiving is that my mouse keeps gets stuck on my screen and I cannot exit out after clicking the text. I have to restart the script so I’m able to move my player ped around. Here is a video: streamable

Works fine for me :smiley: Love the menu, its so easy to use

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Doesn’t really help when you are using np-ui and np-target either bud.

big ooof

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lmao great job using np-ui and np-target

Okay, can you explain to me what that has to do with me having that bug? This comment is quite irrelevant to my question.

well you are using LEAKED STUFF FROM NO PIXEL so figure it out your own :smiley:

Your response is still irrelevant to my question

It’s not really irrelevant as you ask for help when you are using unsupported leaked scripts and haven’t actually posted any errors. It’s most likely having issues with the event you are trying to trigger.

If you looked at the video and read what I said, you could see my issue. The hud and target eye is totally irrelevant to the issue I’m having. Read before you say :slight_smile:

the issue ur having is the focus isnt releasing before ur doing something else, id add a delay to ur interact script to fix it.

Okay, thanks.

its not leaked? i hope you relise it could be a np target remake like the one cn scripts sells and im pretty sure hes using swxys np base wich says he copied the code from dev streams and is free on github but think what you want

Do someone know how do I use that to my garage?