[Release] New Dance System for RP server with more than 300 possibles combinations

Dance System Control by Knatus53.

Hi community! FInnally i decided to release one of my lastest resources.

First of all: Youtube link video:

This resource permit to you have totally control over the dance, modifying it as you want between more than 300 possible combinations with easy controls with the numpad:

  • Write in chat: /dance [male|female] (This means you have to write “male” or “female” after /dance to choose the gender dancing)

  • once you are dacing you can control it using the numpad:

Numpad 4 and 7: controls the styles
Numpad 5 and 8: controls the intensity
Numpad 9 and 6: controls the Number version
Numpad + and - : controls the version of the same dance

To stop dancing just press “X”

All the info you need is in github!

Important Note: doesnt matter what framework you use ESX or vRP or any type of frameworked servers. this should work in any server!


probably shouldnt have a paypal in ur readme

It is just if people want to support, thats not going againts FiveM conditions because that is in my github profile im not using FiveM for that.

Pd: you should be more grateful, this is free

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Going to test this out now :smiley:

After doing a quick test, I saw that there were only 5 dances for male/female, now I know you have the different versions and intensities, so I’m assuming that’s how you are using the 300 dances.

I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything. Either way it’s awesome. Great work buddy!

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The resource is totally free, it clearly says that if you want to support you can do it, but he doesn’t force you

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This looks pretty good. Will test it out later

Please add the Dance Animation in a Menu

Very nice job!

Very well analyzed dude!

you can calculate the posibilities looking at global vars:

(AnimationIntensities) * (AnimatonNumbers) * (AnimationStyles) * (The version of the same Animation(Some times there are 2 version, dont kow why)) * (Male or female) =>

3 * 5 * 6 * 2 * 2 = 360 differents posibilities. rest 60 because some probable bugs and you have (moreless) the 300 posibilities

Ok, great! I love it! It’ll be a great addition to my server. Before I had the 99 dances script, but being able to tweak your dances on the fly is very nice, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any dances :slight_smile:. Keep up the great work! :+1::+1:

Already exist, use the search function.

Yeah, and this is not a animation, is a system to properly run all (almost) dance animations, if you want to run this with a menu, just change The register comannd for a event handler and throw the event when you press The button at The menu

This should work in any FiveM server, doesnt matter what type of framework or resources you are using .

You only have to get The requeriments (mythic_progbar),download and run this resources as any other.

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Thank you for sharing this with the community, and all the hard work put into it. Looks awesome cant wait to try it out.

Thx you! I hope you enjoy it, let me know how is working if you use / Test it, i didnt Test it in a production server

is this only for ESX?

Hi! No, this resource works in all servers, doesnt matter what framework you use

my character seems to only dance for as long as the progress bar is on the screen,it is not fluid like your video preview and I can walk and move without having to hit x first. have you heard of a problem like that? thanks for making this my club owner is going to love this

Hello. When I start dance, I can’t stop it can you help me?

To stop dancing you have to use X key, do you tried?