[Review] Dance System with more than 300 possibles combinations

Hi community! how are you?

Well today something strange happened to me, i was working on improving my Robbery Bank system but… when i was seeing animations… i got lost on my thoughts and i finished making a Dance System with several possibilities XD

Here i show you a video how it works:



This resource permit to you have tottaly control over the dance, modifying it as you want between more than 300 possible combinations with easy controls with the numpad:

Numpad 4 and 7: controls the styles
Numpad 5 and 8: controls the intensity
Numpad 9 and 6: controls the Number version
Numpad + and - : controls the version of the same dance

Next improvements:

  • [DONE] Choose between female and male dances (This will let choose from aprox. 300 differentes dance styles)
  • Easier controls
  • Transitions between dances

What do you think?

Grettings and good party!

Video is listed as private, so we can’t see it. :slight_smile:

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Copyright music :P, now you can see?

Looks AMAZING! Hope I could use this in my server soon!

this is awesome man good work , any chance you might release the script? :wink:

Update: Added females dances, now are more than 300 possibles combinations for dancing, i will post the video in a few minutes

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Update: Video with the actual progress, more than 300 possible combinations for dance male and female and possibility to dance with a prop, beer, microphone, a phone… etc

Looking good man nice work. Will this be a release at some point?

Love it man. keep up the good work!!

Im preparing a release of this resource

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The resource is READY! i will post it in a few hours!

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This is epic man I cannot wait!

It is DONE! [Release] New Dance System for RP server with more than 300 possibles combinations