[RELEASE] mx_aduty - admin aduty system

Without Armor
With Armor


I decided to make a new aduty system because I saw that the old one ( ds_adminaduty ) is pretty old code and not performance friendly


  • Idle // 0.00ms
  • In Aduty // 0.12ms ( due to Godmode loop )
  • while Noclip // 0.35ms ( due to godmode + noclip loop )


  • Online Playerblips works with OneSync
  • Vanish command ( /v or /vanish )
  • Hotkey Aduty activation ( Key changeable in keymapping )
  • Hotkey Noclip activation ( Key changeable in keymapping )
  • Low Resmon
  • Godmode configurable in config
  • Permissions configurable + clothing


my Work

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~390
Requirements ESX
Support Yes
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Is there any way to get this as standalone?

not atm no

oh okay too bad

Good Script but NoClip doesnt work for me

are you using no clip while in Aduty? and / or maybe the command gets overwritten