[RELEASE] [Addon] mx_jailbreak


I was asked to make something so you can escape the prison and I made it possible with my mx_jail resource



  • idle // 0.00ms
  • next to ped // ~0.02ms
  • near marker // ~0.10ms



my Work

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~600
Requirements Latest ESX Legacy, esx_context, mx_jail
Support Yes

thanks bro

Can someone make it compatible with other context menu ? I don’t use the esx_context. I would appreciate it alot.


Hey can u make a drug sell to npc , if so can u make it so they can come to me so i can sell them drugs.

When i try to escape prison my fivem crashes with this error : Reliable network event overflow. The moment i press E to escape prison. Any fix for this issue ?

im gonna take a look into that

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Suggestion : Change the player’s clothes when in prison, confiscate inventory items.

I have this error

done in a update

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you probably dont have esx_progressbar or didnt started it

If I have it by default since it came with the esx legacy look for error in the code but I did not find any

Captura de pantalla 2022-08-26 140606

I had an error with the esx_context but fixed it

any chance u can do this for qb core

No, I will not Support QBCore in the near Future because they have some bad stuff I dont wanna deal with.