[Release] MenuV - Standalone NUI menu for FiveM (v1.4), docs added!

Fantastic release. I’m already in the process of replacing my server’s current menu system with this. Very, very nice.

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Any update on this?

I can’t enter the docs

Hi, I’m getting this error

What should i do?

Creating my new admin menu :slight_smile:

Nice dude that has good looking

What do people use for text boxes when using this menu? My plan is to slowly replace my ESX Menus.

I am trying to change the Key from F1 to F6 and it’s not working.

How do I make it so only admins can open the menu with a keybind?

Can anyone help me please? I have read the documentation around 10 times and still cannot get this to work. Is there a complete install guide? Thanks.

EDIT: I was being an idiot and not dragging the menuv_example folder into the main resources folder! DOH!

Hello, please help!!
How to execute something like this on this example:

local slider = menu:AddSlider({ icon = ‘:heart:’, label = ‘Slider’, value = ‘demo’, values = {
{ label = ‘Demo Item’, value = ‘demo’, description = ‘Demo Item 1’ },
{ label = ‘Demo Item 2’, value = ‘demo2’, description = ‘Demo Item 2’ },
{ label = ‘Demo Item 3’, value = ‘demo3’, description = ‘Demo Item 3’ },
{ label = ‘Demo Item 4’, value = ‘demo4’, description = ‘Demo Item 4’ }

I want to use this menu option something like this:

            if Item == "demo" then
		print(This is demo)
	elseif Item == "demo2" then
		print(This is demo2)
        elseif Item == "demo3" then
		print(This is demo3)

instead of print i want to add some different triggers and thats i need to be individual.


Have a slight difficulty with this script though.
Making menu’s is easy and works perfectly fine. The only thing is, how do i make it, so if i walk away from a certain spot, that it closes the menu automatically ?

Is it possible to disable the timesync?

hey how to close menu please ?

i use this


But the menu stay open after select item.


I have problems with documentation. I can’t open the documentation. Thx in advanced to fix. Have a nice day.

I’ve created an issue on GitHub and I sent a message to the creator about that problem since almost 10 days, no answer at the moment

If you want to close all menus, you could use

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Thks !