[Release] MenuV - Standalone NUI menu for FiveM (v1.4), docs added!

@LinxNZ @Nevos Feel free to check my forked version of the doc. You can build it on your machine to have it working

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Is there a way for me to be able to close the menu fully?

tried doing menu5:Close() and it closed out the menu I was in and took me to the main menu!


Quite literally a few posts above, I mentioned this:


my bad man i clearly put nvm

How would I go on about having a part of the menu locked unless they have a certain ace


i want to keep the menu active only for add_principal group.admin how can i do

Is it possible to get the documentation because I want to update the elements of the slider later.

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Is it possible to make this menu ace perm dependable?

I’m afraid the menu simply refuses to open any menus in resources OTHER than the example resource. Even if the files within the resource are identical. Unsure what i’ve been doing wrong, and i’m gutted in all honesty - I was looking forward to utilising this API

Is the framework still being updated?

I’m using this library on all my scripts and its working properly but sadly not maintained

me too it’s not working

Not to revive a dead thread since it is not maintained anymore but if anyone needs help using this menu check out this resource. We use the menu here extensively so hopefully it gives you all some insight! GitHub - qbcore-framework/qb-adminmenu: Admin Menu Using MenuV