[Release] Medium hair with 2 braids for MP Female

More info:
Hairstyle is ported from TS4 CC, it has high med and low LOD so hair won’t change model or color from the distance. Hairstyle have custom weight so when character will move their head, hair will move smoothly.

:balloon: [How-To] Streaming new hairstyles for characters: Step by Step for dummies (Override method)

Dollie Mods - MP Female Freebies #38 - Medium Hair with 2 braids.7z (2.3 MB)

:camera_flash: More pictures:


love :two_hearts:

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Looks great :smiley:

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Beautiful work as always Dollie

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The custom hairs is conflict with the hat or not? i’m very interested in hairstyle customs.

This one is not hat compatible :slight_smile:

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I don’t have experience in make the clothes or hairstyle, how we can make it compatible? do you have any idea, friend? and can we convert other game object to fivem hairstyle?

So beautiful!! :cherry_blossom: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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amazing hair as always :kissing_heart: