[Release] Long hairstyle with rose for MP Female

It’s my first long hairstyle, I spent few days on it so I hope you will like it as much as I do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

More info:
Hairstyle is ported from TS4 CC, it has high med and low LOD so hair won’t change model or color from the distance. Files replaces female hair on slot #60. You can change it by renaming files. Hairstyle have custom weight so when character will move their head, hair will move smoothly.

How to install custom hair and clothes: [How-To] Streaming new hairstyles for characters: Step by Step for dummies

Download here (there are FiveM and Single Player versions)

More pictures:


Love the hairstyle, only question I have: Does the color of the rose change when changing the hairstyle or does it keep the same color ?

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@Neddings Basically the rose is just a pinned up hair so it has the same color as the rest of the hairstyle :blush:

Had a feeling it would be, not sure how hard it would be to have it seperated so it can have it’s own color

Looks great except it looks a bit like a wig as you can see underneath the hair image

@MidlifeGamingCrisis You can change brightness and contrast of the texture so color will be more “dimensional”. It’s always some personal preference :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You mean the part near ear or on the back of the neck? To not make hair clipping trough the body, I need to move it a little bit from the body so it will look better with jackets etc. I also reccomend to make your graphic settings higher, then all hair looks even better.


Hi, thanks for reply and explanation. Yeah was referring to the bit under the hair on the neck.

I’m absolutely loving this! Is there any way you could do a curly hair style like this?

Hi all! I wanted to share that updated version of this mod is here! Texture file is more optimized :slight_smile: