[Release] KGV-Phone (an actually good phone)

Is there any chance of a future update with a voice call system?

Nice resource! Love how it looks.

There is no fix. It does not store contacts. It will show the players that are online. You can not call them. It is a basic phone with camera, SMS and radio

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Nice release, big props :wink:

Besides the tiny issue of not being able to type in inputs in the browser, this phone is probably one of the best out there (better than some of the paid phones in my opinion). For some reason I decided to run the acid tests (display/box/float/clear test, acid2.acidtests.org, acid3.acidtests.org) on the browser; scored 96, which is ironically two points higher than the browser on my desktop (Google Chrome Version 92.0.4515.131 64-bit).

Id pay big bucks to have someone smart dig into this and add a twitter to it or something cool cause GCphone VRP i coult not get to work for the life of me, and i really want a twitter app on the server (database), and or other cool app functions!

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why would you make a phone script but can not call other players?? LMFAO

Because is 2021. Who calls people anymore?

thats just stupid :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

resource was never intended for RP. Not everything on FiveM is, or has to be, RP lol

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im sure GitHub - project-error/npwd: New-Phone-Who-Dis (NPWD) is a FiveM phone resource written entirely in TypeSc would like some attention

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i dont know how to read messages, it doent show full messages. i dont if it just me or what but i like the phone.

Dependencies of this include pma-voice which is not compatable with vmenu!

… why not? you can just turn off vmenu voice chat

I believe this is an ESX / QBC resource as well.

voice calls too? can u add it thanks