I have seen a lot of people looking for an updated version of the AI K9 script by @xander1998, so thought I would share it for everyone to use since the old version is unsupported.

[Updated by Burk] [All original coding credit to @xander1998]

Original: [Release] K9 Script [Deprecated][Unsupported]

-New Menu look
-Dog biting Fixed
-Dog dying while getting out of an SUV Fixed
-You are able to toggle the dog getting in/out of the vehicle by pressing [Delete ]

** If you have issues with the dog biting you and not the person in front please update your FiveM Version, if this still happens after you will have a script conflicting **

K9.zip (780.0 KB)


Works beautiful, so clean and they no longer commit suicide when getting out the car. %100 much cleaner


thanks enjoy!

Works well, Good to see an upto date K9 script

Thanks, Enjoy!

Hello - Does this work as a standalone?

I popped this into my server resources and gave it a start in the confg, but so far nothing opens the menu or pops up with an error.

Works great thank you for this script! Do you plan to add searching for esx in the future?

Remove server advertisement/mention. It’s not important for this release and any specific server mentions should be in #server-development:server-bazaar


Do you know why the dog doesn’t follow and attack?

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Lft Alt + Home is what you need to press

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Anyone test what happens if there are more than one person on a server, I have tried a ton of these bodyguard/k9 scripts and they don’t tend to work well when there are multiple online, dog/npc does not seem to know who its master is and might follow someone that did not spawn them. onesync/kashactors? usually comes down to relationship groups.

why? the original has not worked for over 6 months ?

f1 to follow and you need to aim at someone and press f1 for them to attack

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what do you mean? their is no mention of my server?

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works fine with populated servers

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Currently not planing any esx updates, not sure if the original developer is either sorry

I just released a new version of the K9 less than a month or so ago that uses the new controls system and also uses a custom context menu system I built
. The old script is still there but not recommended for use.

I also started working on a module system to support frameworks etc.


button to open menu?

alt + home its all in he read me file

f1 to follow ? not working for me ig