[Release] Job: Save people, be a hero! (paramedic, emergency, coma, KO)

What’s this mod and how that work ?

This mod is the paramedic job.
When a player dies, this one has the option of calling an ambulance or respawn. When an ambulance is called, all paramedic in service will receive a notification that they can accept. Once the call is made, the paramedic must go to the GPS point and resuscitate the player.
If several players die at the same time, you will receive the notifications one by one when the first one expires (15 seconds)


  • Take your service at the hospital (x = 1155.26, y = -1520.82, z = 34.84, map: http://hpics.li/4ddc1e7)
  • Getting an ambulance (behind the hospital)
  • Notification system
  • GPS marker
  • Resuscitate players
  • Stop your service
  • Call an ambulance or respawn (and lose your money) when you’re in a coma
  • Knock out


How to install ?

  • Download and unzip the emergency-master.zip
  • Rename the folder to emergency
  • Put the emergency folder into fivem-server/resources/
  • Add - emergency into your citmp-server.yml file
  • Edit the sql file and execute it (here you have to specify your steamid)
  • This script use the id 11 in the jobs table, if you already use this id, please update the script with the correct id
  • Before starting your server, please remove the content of the cache folder of your server
  • You can also modifiy the language in the client (just modify the variable into cl_ files)
  • If you don’t receive notifications, please disable lambda menu by updating your citmp-server.yml file : DisableScriptHook: true (thx to @Boubi)


  • This project is on github
  • Bugs can still arise, if you have one, do not hesitate to reply to this post or open an issue on Github

Update 21/05/2017

  • Fix issue “Negative money #10
  • Now you can respawn with the command /respawn in case where X or E can’t be used.
  • If the emergencies do not respond, you can now call them again every 15 seconds until you receive a call.

Update 16/05/2017


:open_mouth: You’re a beast. Thanks mate :wink:


Thank you very much I tested it and excellent super work :clap:


Omg thanks you :smiley: When you take your service this will update your job like the update of cops 1.1 ? :slight_smile:


No, I assumed that ambulance work is not open to all players. You must assign the job to a player manually or you must create an admin command for it.
If you are not a paramedic you will not be able to take your service.


so the sql updated my jobs table and added ambulance id 11 does that mean when I go in service it will work?

You have to update your job id in the users table with your steam id:
UPDATE users SET job = 11 WHERE identifier = 'steam:';


Ok thanks, another question did the medic have an heli ? Is what they have a revive command or an interaction menu ? :slight_smile:

Not yet for a helicopter, but it’s easy to implement it, in fact, I do not know where to generate it.
For the restart command, not exactly, when you go to the victim, you will receive a message of interraction asking you to press E to resuscitate the player.
For a menu, maybe in a next release if I have suggestions :slight_smile:


Does this work with essentials 3.0 or only 2.0?

I tested with the latest version on a vanilla server, so I assume it’s the 3.x

Ok thanks for the fast reply

ok this look realy nice :smiley: Suggestions: a gui menu with heal, revive, ((dragging, put in veh, put out veh) when the player is in coma) Like for a big pain, you bring the man to hospital for a rp revive :slight_smile: Don t know if you can do this but the base script is good ahah

can u show me where I go on duty it isnt telling when am in service.

Perfect, thanks for the release. Really.

Here: http://hpics.li/4ddc1e7

Hi . First of all thanks for the awesome release . I was wondering if it was possible to add a permission to the script to . So an admin would need to add the person to a database and then hte person would be able to use your script . Similar to the way cops from kyo do it ?

Thanks again for your release and have a good day

hey ! thanks for you"r script :slight_smile: i’m the job 11 and i can’t take my service, you can help me

Hi @Galardowyn, I will create a chat command to add an user.
@Yoan Have you execute this with your steamid ? :

thank for the help and answering my problems now I have some questions to ask. first of all, it seems all my money is gone when I die is this normal? second, would it be possible to add a timer to the respawn option? and third question will it be possible to change ped skins to ems when going on duty?