[Release] Hospital Heal

work great but i wish i could spawn parachutes the same way…

anyone know the code ?
pickup = CreatePickup(GetHashKey(“PICKUP_HEALTH_STANDARD”), item.x, item.y, item.z)

– Parachute = 1735599485

local parachutePickup = {
{x= -75.279098510742, y= -811.10064697266, z=326.17428588867} – parachute top maze tower, north
– Spawn the pickup items
for _, item in pairs(parachutePickup) do
pickup = CreatePickup(0xFBAB5776, item.x, item.y, item.z)
SetPickupRegenerationTime(pickup, 60)


There also seems to be some conflict with this script being installed (doesn’t have to be used, just installed) when es_garages is used and breaks banking as well. Playing around it seems to be a client side issue as after it stops working and I restart and come back in everything works again until I use the garage again.

Not working :confused:
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Does it work on VRP?

how to create and add spawn pick up items?

if you look at the code above and use the same function just change the hash to a different pickup, and use xyz coordinates where you would like it to spawn

would there be a way to add a Revive trigger instead of healing ? :thinking:

Downloaded, changed server to client in resource, but nothing :frowning: great idea.

even changed code above…

Cool Script :slight_smile:

Hi @cody196 I just got FiveM back and I’ve never played on your server i was wondering why it says I’m banned?

My apologies cody 196 for reaching you here but didnt know where. I was banned on your end of days server for no apparent reason… was following rules and keeping in character… (iladvice, ziggy)