[RELEASE] Hologram Speedometer v1.0.1

Can this be used Client-sided on a FiveM server?

hologram_box_model.yft (3.4 KB)
hologram_box_model.ytd (1.1 KB)
hologram_box_model.yft (3.4 KB)
use these ytd’s, not sure why this lunatic added fucking anime… but using these instead of the ones he provides will fix it

late reply but here what i did.

on ui/js/main.js

line 39 change to UnitDisplay.innerText = "KMH";
line 44 change to var multiplier = 3.6;


We need that Forza Horizon drift counter

This is beautiful, my guy! Keep it up!

Hi i dont have light effect. How i can add it ??

great script love it