[RELEASE] Hologram Speedometer v1.0.1

Great work looks amazing, is it possible to add a fuel parameter and turn off the UI by default?

i set it to true for mph and its only reading kph cant figure out how to change it

Run the command in game: /hsp mph

any way to make mph default so people do have to look up how to change it?

set this to ‘‘true’’

OMFG I love it :heart_eyes:

Amazing ! Little question tho, do the drift point popup is in this hud or it’s something else ?


Any way to implement this for first person drivers? We all drift with wheels in our server, in first person, this would look awesome. Also, what’s the resource called for the drift points?

I’ll try to get that working in my upcoming PR :smile:

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i set this to true and its still kph by default unless u type /hsp mph commands which is super frustrating if people dont know what the command is.

Nice! Care to release the drift point thingy?

This is fixed in the latest version! It is now dependent on your in-game measurement system setting!
Display -> Measurement System -> Imperial will force MPH to be displayed. (Likewise, setting it to Metric will change the display to KMH)

every time I get into a car your pfp shows up and I cant find a fix for it

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To be honest… the first release was better, it was way more optimized (it’s not @ 0.11ms when idling) and sometimes that fucking anime character gets stuck on screen…

Yup same here

the only issue with the first release was the car sound

That’s AddReplaceTexture breaking though I’m not sure why. I was the one responsible for changing where the replacement is made and that seems to have broken it (but only sometimes) so I’ll change it so the replacement is made after the model has been spawned at least once in game which should fix it.

Please update, the files are now stored locally and therefore no longer are hosted I believe, leading to the 404 error.

How are you getting 0.11ms when idling? Nothing should be running when not within a vehicle and there should only ever be activity when the display is active. (Edit: even intentionally trying to break the logic and fall into a state where there is activity when there shouldn’t be, I cannot reproduce this !)

Just PR’d a fix for this and the other issues I seemed to have caused. Try downloading my fork here and let me know if fixes it and if any of you end up running into other issues!

ok figured out how to enable it in game. but! how do you set it for it to be enabled on by default so you dont have to type /hsp to see it

also anyway to enable it for everyone in the car. currently only works for the driver. would love for it to be enabled for everyone in the car.