[RELEASE] [FREE] [STANDALONE] 3d- me, do, med


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Qb version share ?

no I’m sorry, never worked with QB framework

Is there a way to stop it from showing over everyone’s head? I am using ESX 1.1

Yes, thats a onesync infinity related problem. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to work on it yet.

Oh ok I guess that’s a onesync and onesync infinity problem then because I use just onesync

Hmm okay, well, maybe it’s an synchronization issue. I’m using onesync legacy and its working perfectly fine.

Fix it please !, no 3d / works for infinity :frowning:

Yes, as mentioned in the Topic. It’s not working YET and I cant tell when I’ll fix it.

infinity wait :frowning:

I know people, just keep in mind that I can’t work on things that don’t match my time schedule