[release] [free] | sharp-spawnselect [esx]

last position doenst work

Hello, when i put this i get some error

how to fix it?

4k res doesnt line up correctly at all for me

Very much pain to add new locations and also much more pain to add dynamic locations.

Sadly, yes. But as mention before; this is my first time ever doing something like this, and it ain’t easy to get something to work 100% bigcock at a time

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In your spawnamanger.lua find line number 327 and comment it out. Then put TriggerEvent(“spawnselector:setNui”, spawn) above or below it!
Like this:
local time = GetGameTimer()

    while (not HasCollisionLoadedAroundEntity(ped) and (GetGameTimer() - time) < 5000) do


    if IsScreenFadedOut() then

        while not IsScreenFadedIn() do

    -- and unfreeze the player
    freezePlayer(PlayerId(), false)
	TriggerEvent("spawnselector:setNui", spawn) --  added for sharp-spawnselect by Xero~Day
    --TriggerEvent('playerSpawned', spawn)

    if cb then

    spawnLock = false


Love to see you start posting! Keep up that good work :smiley:

So im using esx_identity, i was able to get it to trigger in spawnmanager but I can’t figure out a way to make it not trigger if you haven’t Registered your character yet, anyone know how?

Would love to see this converted to QB-Core!

I’m currently working on QB-Core version of this spawn-selector. I may release it IF I get this up and running.

How can I change the resolution for the spawn? I am using a resolution not as big or bigger than1080p, that’s a problem for me. :laughing: