[RELEASE] [FREE] Ghostscripts txAnnouncer

Ghostscripts txAnnouncer

Today I am releasing a simple Announce Script for txAdmin

Because I didn’t find any txAdmin announcers at the forums I decided to create this simple one. In the shared.lua file you can freely change the notification to the one you like. If you want to change the language you’ll need to go into the server.lua file.


You can find the Notification I used here: t-notify

Download: txAnnouncer


Temporary removed the kick/ban/warn announcements - Still working on a fix

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there was a script called tx notification but the owner got mad and deleted it XD good release!



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hey endstoff, do we add our stuff into the shared.lua?

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depends on what you want to change. The notification is handled by the shared.lua

I added notification in there and doesnt seem to be working. I will do some troubleshooting

nice work though

Looks cool. Good job!


Thank you!

If you need help feel free to send me a Direct message

@metalx69 what do you think of this?

Hi :hugs:
txAdmin community managment here :handshake:
Thank you for sharing your work with everyone. A lot of people keep asking us about this kind of thing - now there’s a good answer. :ok_hand:
Warm greetings :green_heart:


Hi :hugs:
txAdmin community management here also :handshake:
Good work! There was an old version of this a while ago but it has been taken down. Looks good! :ok_hand:
Warm greetings :green_heart:


In sv/server.lua line 42, you missed a “T” :sweat_smile:
It should be “TriggerClientEvent”

I mean it shouldn’t even matter atm because the event doesn’t work. I added the “T” but I am still working on a solution to that problem.

Hello, when do the kick, ban and warnings work?

no current ETA. Just keep an eye an this Topic or on my Github.