[Release] [Free] Enhanced EUP Menu

Man wish I knew that before I started

WHAT! That’s so useful!

Is the /geteup command part of your menu, part of EUP, or part of vMenu? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and it says it’s an invalid command.

Part of the menu, it will print it to the console.

I must have an older version. I don’t see the RegisterCommand() for that in the menu.lua file. I’ll grab the latest. Thanks.

EDIT: Well, no wonder it didn’t work, I munged something and was missing the server.lua file! Starting over with a fresh copy! :woozy_face:DERP

Any reason the header doesnt show?

How do I configure the EUP Menu to make it have subMenus in a subMenu:: Example from another EUP Menu:

Yes, in the menu.lua the link must be replaced in line 23

Hey i added this eup and its showing like and i also have the nativeui. How do i fix that?