[Release] [Free] Elevator Script for ESX & QBCore

i cant get the menu to pop up. have qtarget and nh-context installed.

make sure you have the newest version of nh-context; not the old version.

it happened to be an issue with qtarget. i edited the code to use my other target resource and it works fine now.


I have problem…
When i hold ALT i can see option, but mouse doest not come up so i cant click on option… i have qtarget 2.1.6, any ideas?

Just to clarify you are left clicking after seeing the third eye option to bring up the mouse?
Either way that seems to be a bug specific to the qtarget script

I can’t left click, after holding alt in polyzonearea options pops up with name , floor etc but without mouse icon so I can’t click.

I tried version 2.0 qtarget and 2.1.6 with same outcome. Can you check your version of Qtarget and I will try download it an try

I did created a fresh server install with only the required dependencies and had no issues.

Versions used are the newest pushes and are as follows:
Current version of angelicxs_elevators

  • PolyZone 2.6.1
  • nh-context 2.21
  • qtarget 2.1.6

Please confirm that you have installed all the dependices as required by each script and are using the proper naming convention to ensure they are running as intended. If this still does not work and you have no errors, client or server side, you have a conflict within your sever preventing qtarget from operating as intended. This is NOT an error with angelicxs_elevators.

Hello, thanks for respond

i have all new version

  • PolyZone 2.6.1
  • nh-context 2.21
  • qtarget 2.1.6

i put open menu in command instead of Qtarget, so i can bypass it…
I do thing that problem is somewhere in Qtarget, there is no error on client, server etc.
i will try to uninstall and install resourcies and try to figure out what is happening.

aaaand, yes after redownloading Qtarget it works. Thanks!

Excellent! I am glad it is now working for you!