DOWNLOAD: GitHub - Quattro3498/FivemEnterprisesTattoosDLC

Hi all guys, I’m making this forum post to share something interesting for you…
I became aware of the new (a few months ago) update of gta online with the DLC called “Criminal Enterprises” on the FiveM platform with build 2699 and its new additions.
Unlike weapons and car, I have seen that the tattoos are not updated except through an external dlc started by us owner of a server.
So here I am showing you and sharing the new tattoo pack of the dlc “Criminal Enterprises”.
In the video you can see a preview of all the male and female tattoos.

Credits go to Dream Development, specifically tattoo creator GaNje.#7439 for exporting the native files and customizing them so that they can be availed with various tattoo streaming scripts.

This resource has files for all tattoos only available in the latest “Criminal Enterprises” DLC.
it can be incorporated along with the resources released by (https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-dlc-tattoos-as-add-ons-updated/1913209), in such a way that a complete set of all the latest and new tattoos.
Mainly the resource is standalone while for those who use ESX I have simplified the work for you, the folder and the layouts have been created to be streamed on ESX from the script (xnTattoos) and within the download you will find the renamed file ''xntattoos_intallation.txt ‘’ which will explain the installation method.
I want to clarify that it is an independent resource from any script therefore standalone and you will just have to insert them manually according to the configuration of your streaming tattoo script.

Download the new dlc tattoss.
Unzip the DLC Tattoos folder, and put dd_mpsum2 in your server folder with your other resources.
Add ‘ensure dd_mpsum2’ to your server cfg.
Add the tattoos into your tattoo script. If you use xnTattoos, go into your AllTattoos.json, scroll to the bottom and add a comma after the last tattoo, then copy and paste the text from ‘xntattoos_intallation’ and paste it at the bottom and change any prices you need.


Nice release , thx you !


on a stock no esx no bullshit server does this work? tried and it did not for me sadly, although i went through all the steps

it’s a dlc that works on any framework, you just need to set the .json so that it fits the script you are using …
the pack quickly releases the installation for the most used script on esx

thanks buddy, it worked all right for me but only in menyoo, is there a way to make it work on vmenu for free?