[Release] Flatbed w/ working bed

Flatbed w/ working bed

A FiveM implementation of the MTL Flatbed mod https://gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mtl-flatbed-tow-truck


How to use for idiots:

  • Spawn the flatbed3
  • Make sure you are the only person near the thing
  • Use the marker as described below
  • Make sure you’re the last person that drive the car you want to pick up and the flatbed
  • Make sure no players are nearby while operating the flatbed
  • It’s a safety hazard for non-trained personell to be near the tow truck during operations anyways
  • Basically just make sure you’re the last person to use and the closest person to the things you interact with

How to use:

  • Spawn the flatbed3 vehicle (and get in), a bed should be created
  • Exit the Flatbed, you’ll see a marker next to the rear driver side wheel
  • Approach the marker, it will give you instructions
  • Lower the bed by pressing E
  • Once the bed is lowered, a car can be placed on the bed
  • Press G to attach the car
  • Press E to raise the bed
  • Continue your roleplay


This script uses decorators for syncing states and IDs of entities involved, it has not been tested in a multiplayer environment with multiple players so results may vary.



Thanks to I’m Not MentaL & Yoha for the original Singleplayer Mod: https://gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mtl-flatbed-tow-truck


Seems interesting, would it be possible to make it work with a custom flatbed?

Damn that looks good, gonna test it with a few people and give you some feedback then

If it’s made to use a stock bed (like the one used here), by removing the bed from the model it should be possible yes.

Seems to only attach if the towtruck and the car being towed were spawned by the person doing the tow


Also, if you /dv the truck is only deleted the truck, not the bed

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AND STILL NO /HAT :joy: @glitchdetector

That is looking really good

im having trouble iv deleted cache and restarted still the same

Just tested with mulitple people. It works fine. The only thing if is someone jumps on the towtruck or the bed then it stops until they leave. Also the animation is quite buggy for the others else its really good

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Doesn’t work if someone else spawns the car that needs to be towed

this may be because @glitchdetector forgot to require ownership over the car before attaching it to the flatbed, should be easily fixable :smiley:


Possibly, yes.
I’m making sure you’re the owner of the flatbed and such, but not actually doing anything to the vehicle. Pull requests are more than welcome.



Should be merged :+1:

Fantastic work again my dood!

Cleaned up topic, please go cause ruckus somewhere else.

Sorry. I was joking around then people have to take things literal. But yea I didn’t mean to cause a ruckus in this chat. Sorry @glitchdetector and thanks @Buggeroff

That’s so dope. Great for mechanic RP.
Great dev work as always @glitchdetector

Is it on purpose that it spawns with Police livery sometimes?


Yea. That’s like the impossible made possible lmfao!