[Release] Five M Visual Pack (Update 10-14-20)

Just a visual pack that I use in my game, I thought i’d put it here for anyone who wants it. Below is a video of what it looks like as well as a couple of pics. Included in the file is a read me on exactly how to install it if you are new to these kind of things.

Change Log 1.1 Fixed issue with crashing on startup.

Change Log 1.2 (10-14-2020) Fixed an issue where the rain was really huge, and you were not able to see well if it was actively raining.

Known Issues: Around evening time 1900-2000, and cloudy weather (with the exception of if its raining) the police lights look dim/white, not sure what is causing this. Feel free to mess around with it.
Example of how the lights look when its cloudy, if anyone can fix this please do! https://i.gyazo.com/e46e2665b8734eb92c19b5181f570b28.gif

Video of what it looks like: https://youtu.be/VrqAyzPowB0


NOTE: Open IV is NOT needed for this, follow the read me attached and it will work fine!
Download: VISUALS (updated).rar (226.9 KB)

This mod is a mixture of a bunch of mods that were thrown together to make it look how it does!
Make visuals great again
Natural vision
Visual V
Without the authors and team of these mods, we would not have it! They are great!

Discalimer, i do NOT take credit in making this mod from scratch, this mod is a mixture of the ones you see above, with some of my own changes added to it. The mods above should receive credit, as without them this would not be a thing! Cheers


Looks great, to confirm, no modifications to the standard GTA files are made in the showcase, that’s purely just this visual pack?


Correct this is exactly what is in the google drive pack! No outside mods.

So let me get this right, if i install this does this Just work for me or everyone in the server as well…

This is a client side mod, it goes into your FiveM, so only you that will see it. If others want it, they have to install it into their game as well.

No problem. (20 char)

hey bro what’s up
how to i install?

there is a readme with the download

Works for me and looks great!
Thank you for uploading:)

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You bet! (20 charrr)

I definitely don’t have the photorealism you have on the video, could you explain how to reach that level ?

i thing you missed files ?

There is only 2 folders modifying some visual effects from FiveM. There is no such things like an ENB.

Edit : This is more like a visual V than an ENB.

You installed it wrong then, litterally what is in that download is what I have in my game nothing else. You’re the first to say this, my entire community uses this mod and love it

Btw this look fuckin amazing xD

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Glad you like it! (20 char)

And the lights on the police cars look legit, unlike radiance V where I am blinded xD

Yea radiance v is a little extreme in fivem for some reason lol

I installed this an recommended it to all my friends. its AMAZING!

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i like it very nice work just one thing tho its not an ENB without the ENB injector but besides that i like how it looks :slight_smile:

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