[Release] Fire Department Chief Car (Red Lights) (Non-ELS)

Hey Guys This Is My New Release. This Is The Fire Department Chief Car More Will Be Uploaded Soon.

Here Is Some Pics


Change Log 0.1
Added A Charger
Added A Crown Vic
Fixed LOD


Nice. Does it include carcols.meta or just texture changes?

where can we get the template so we can add our own texture?

what’s the car model? because i wanted to know what it was to download it as an unmarked police vehicle please. i’ve been trying to find that model but i never could.

Could you make it a add-on?

comes with everything

i will upload one soon

it is a add-on @ImJer i am also making more add-on fire cars

Any way you can make a ladder truck non els addon and or a brush truck non els add on?

Yes Once i am done working on the pack i am working on now

Great car, however the LOD for this vehicle isn’t very good, for example if you ‘no clip’ away you get to a certain distance and it will change into a different vehicle, other than that, good job!

Go into the vehicles.meta and change the LOD distance to this:

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Thank you so much, works perfectly, appreciate it @Dixxycup

Any update on the fire pack? This vehicle looks really good, can’t wait to see more!

There Will Be A Update On The Pack This Week

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does anyone know what model the explorer is. i would like to know so i can make different skins for it. and i need to know the original light setup with red & blues and the original download if possible.

its a 2013 the person who made it i have no idea i gotta look

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let me know if you ever have the link or know the guy who made it.

Will you be adding any EMS cars? :smiley:

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Light bar is all red but the lights that bounce off the walls are red and blue, how can I fix this?