[Release] Fire Department Chief Car (Red Lights) (Non-ELS)

Hey Guys This Is My New Release. This Is The Fire Department Chief Car More Will Be Uploaded Soon.

Here Is Some Pics


Change Log 0.1
Added A Charger
Added A Crown Vic
Fixed LOD

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Nice. Does it include carcols.meta or just texture changes?

where can we get the template so we can add our own texture?

what’s the car model? because i wanted to know what it was to download it as an unmarked police vehicle please. i’ve been trying to find that model but i never could.

Could you make it a add-on?

comes with everything

i will upload one soon

it is a add-on @JerJRP i am also making more add-on fire cars

Any way you can make a ladder truck non els addon and or a brush truck non els add on?

Yes Once i am done working on the pack i am working on now

Great car, however the LOD for this vehicle isn’t very good, for example if you ‘no clip’ away you get to a certain distance and it will change into a different vehicle, other than that, good job!

Go into the vehicles.meta and change the LOD distance to this:

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Thank you so much, works perfectly, appreciate it @Dixxycup

Any update on the fire pack? This vehicle looks really good, can’t wait to see more!

There Will Be A Update On The Pack This Week

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does anyone know what model the explorer is. i would like to know so i can make different skins for it. and i need to know the original light setup with red & blues and the original download if possible.

its a 2013 the person who made it i have no idea i gotta look

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let me know if you ever have the link or know the guy who made it.

Will you be adding any EMS cars? :smiley:

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Light bar is all red but the lights that bounce off the walls are red and blue, how can I fix this?