Fire vehicles

I’ve searched both and, I’m not a fan of many of the vehicles. Which is why I’m asking for help.

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Thats where all the vehicles posted on here come from… Unless you find someone that wants to custom make a vehicle for you then you can either find it on one of the two websites or get none…

There’s some good ones that aren’t on those websites.

(I want something like these, I have the boat and helicopter). I’m currently trying to find the other ones.(they are probably just custom liveries) I’ll try to find someone to make some.

I also have the brush truck.

Most of those look to be this but with custom liveries and edited carcols.

I think I found it. [Release] Fire Department Chief Car (Red Lights) (Non-ELS) (I think it has more vehicles according to the update info.)

i have cars can send you

Please do. I’d appreciate it a lot.

you will have them in a few

the cars im sending are from a fire pack on my server

in that pack you have a ambulance a brush truck a engine and 3 fire department staff cars the spawn names are fire1 fire3 fire2 and engine firetruk and ambulance

Thanks. I appreciate it.

hows the pack doing does everything work

So far so good. Thanks for the help.

im going to be getting this soon for my server if i can get help getting the lights working and this

ill send you it if i get it working

if you would like to see the updates for the pack go here [Release] Fire Pack Non Els

message me on discord FT-845 Cody.C#1980

anyone know how i can get a heli for fire?