[Release] ev-hud | Customizable Standalone HUD


The hud elements, can I change the positioning of the elements so everyone has the same layout.

By default? You can just modify the css.

ID no longer appears?

I removed it on the ESX Develop Version. You use the latest update for main branch though which automatically finds your framework.
Release ev-hud v4.0.0 - Resource finder + Voice chat · EntityEvolution/ev-hud (github.com)

Hi, i see on the last version it was a change when you talking. Any way to work with ■■■■■■■■■■ ?


Idk what you said kek

salt y chat
I don’t understand why it’s don’t want to show this lol

I guess the easiest way is to implement the export from the hud itself into the salty cha t. Or you can use an export from salty and use it in the hud which returns the value of the current level or if it’s talking. I truly cannot give further help since I’ve never used saltycha t before.

im useing the newest version but for fxserver onsync…it doesnt register the health, armour. stan, and or id…only thing it sees is when im talking

Are you using a framework?

yes through nat2k15

What does that even mean?

Im useing a framework through him. its called framework 2 its like what doj uses

That seems a little sketchy.

how its a legit framework

Where exactly is the export supposed to go in pma-voice?

The instructions aren’t very clear which file to modify, and none of the files go up to line 193-195.

  • PMA-voice ~ Go to your pma-voice, and between 193-195, add the following exports['ev-hud']:CurrentVoiceMode(voiceMode)

Also, when looking at the microphone indicator, when pressing my push to talk button, there is a delay in the indicator showing up. Is there a way to fix that?
In the video, on the far right you can see my PMA PTT lighting up as soon as I press my button.
The Hud indicator takes a bit to catch up. 2022-01-15 13-42-01

Last thing: I found where I can configure the starting indicator color for microphone/while talking. How can I configure the other indicator colors by default? That way I can modify the colors the way I want, and then players can choose to change colors afterwards?

Thank you!

  1. So, it seems like pma-voice got a change in its folder structure which I did not know. Anyway, here’s the line you can add it (have not tested). exports['ev-hud']:CurrentVoiceMode(mode)
  2. The mic is dependent on the speed of the thread or event. If you’re using esx, you can change it from a thread to an event. If not using esx, threads are already available which you can update the interval at which they repeat here. I recommend changing it to 250.
  3. Idk what you mean by the other indicators. I’m guessing you mean this and the stroke hex.
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Perfect, thank you. That did fix my exports and RGB issues.

I am just not too familiar with changing a thread to an event. I am using ESX so I guess I am not able to use the interval in the config file. How would I go about doing that?