[Release] ev-hud | Customizable Standalone HUD


why he doesnt work


Microphone HUD no longer updating using pma-voice. Both up to date. Worked before I updated to latest version of both.

What version did you test with, maybe I shouldn’t have updated pma-voice lol.

Did you add the export?

Nope because I’m an idiot who updated and forgot about that change :man_facepalming:

Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I need help because I want close using esc the hud and … i’m freezed! i can’t move! :frowning: how I can fix it?

esc it doesn’t work, i’m freezed and i can’t do nothing, only restart :frowning_face:

You probably changed the name of the resource.

Only issue I’ve found is if you die it resets. And randomly when you log out and come back.

Also, suggestion, a break/unbreak option like your Carhud!

One last suggestion for this - hidden oxygen until underwater, mind is either permanent or permanently hidden

Overall though I love it, have it in my city right now with your carhud. Just gonna add street names to the car had :slight_smile: (and the ability to resize, and the ability to hide map unless in car since ev-hud hides it permanently)

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I’ll definitely be adding the break and resize to the hud. I don’t know what you mean about the mind thing though.

One last suggestion for this - hidden oxygen until you are underwater, options are either permanently showing or permanently hidden** Sorry lol.

How to fix the bug that the hud dissapear sometimes when you die?

the name of the resource in ensure of my cfg is ev-hud I think this is the correct name, I think… Is it wrong?

Yes. Download from here though Release ev-hud v3.3.0 - PMA Voice Fix · EntityEvolution/ev-hud (github.com)

Hey nice release , one question. How did you remove the blur around the map ?

I have no idea. I wasn’t the one recording the video.

I released a separate branch which has more options and is more optimized.

It has some of the features you recommended.

is there a way to set the indicators the same for everyone on my server?


The hud elements, can I change the positioning of the elements so everyone has the same layout.