[Release] ev-hud | Customizable Standalone HUD

Sir why doesn’t it show food and water?

Change the configs to true both in js and lua

I’m having the same issue, won’t show Food and Water. I tried Changing the configs to true both in JS and Lua, still no fix. :frowning: This is, hands down, the most clean HUD I’ve seen. Not even paid hud’s are as good as this one. If you find a fix for the food and water issue, you’ll have the best HUD in the market.

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got both your huds, they are amazing mate

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Since it’s been a while with people having this issue. Could you answer a couple of questions for me in order to check for this issue.

  1. Where did you download it from? (Releases or Github Zip Download)
  2. Did you set both lua and js config to true?
  3. What ESX are you using?
  4. Have you modified your esx_status?
  1. Github
  2. Yes both are in true
  3. We’re using v1 final
  4. No

Could you try getting it from here

Let me try