[Release] ev-hud | Customizable Standalone HUD

If the phone doesn’t close it’s probably cause you renamed the resource

Idea for microphone, if player talking then microphone icon change color.


I’ll make it in the next update :slight_smile:

Would you say to customize the talking color too or a default one?

when i try to make the food and drinks bar to show the progress it doesn’t show up at all

Have you set the config to true? Did you change the name of the resource? Are you using the one from the releases tab?

Same thing happening to me, have you found a fix?

It’s not an issue with the script itself. It is either one of the reasons below.

  1. esx_status trigger does not exist (probably due to a modified esx_status).
  2. You changed the name of the resource.
  3. You have not set both configs to true if using either ESX or VRP.
  4. If using VRP status, you are using an old version of VRP (it only works with 1.0)
  5. You downloaded the resource from the GitHub repo instead of the releases tab.

Can u tell me how you fixed?

how do i make the food and water work?

Just use esx_status and set to true the configs.

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how do i make the food and water work? I have all true

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Hi, i have problem with sticking phone to the hand and after closing phone cursos is still on my screen. Only restarting script works for this.

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You probably changed the name of the resource.

how to make the minimap displayed?)

im having trouble. I didnt rename anything but when i close the phone, the cursor stays up and i cant do anything but move the icons around. im stumped

can this be linked to mumble voip ?

config file Config.activateMap = true change true to false

I don’t know if mumble-voip has exports. But it probably could be done though I would have to look into it. However, I would use pma-voice

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Did you download it from here?

Change the config to false. ActivateMap = false