[Release] EUP Detective Holster | Updated (Female Holster)

I know I know there needed to be a detective holster thing for the game because EUP had some gross thing no one really liked so I decided to give you this one! (Credits in the ReadMe.txt)

Photo(s) - AgentDZN for the photo’s

Was unable to get my screenshot artist to get these pictures but I tried my best don’t bully me :sob:

Level 2 2.0.rar (16.8 MB)


What’s new added the female edition the the files you just have the same simple install into your eup-stream > stream (Will ask to replace make sure to do so if you want to use it!)

“Can you fix the gap from the shirt & the holster” - If I were to make ti any tighter you would be limited to only a few shirts unless you want major clipping!

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Nice man

Good Job!

@rxiny Thx :heart:

Great Job Man Love The Work! :smile:

@SASroleplay Thankyou :heart:

Dammmm Nice work will we ever see a female version of it? :wink:


Very nice job, I will be using this in FiveM, my servers been looking for this!

@Dylan_Hoey Thx for the :heart: means allot big luv for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

GREAT WORK! Had to download that! Everyone make sure to show him support! <3

ya yoinks scoob

Clean, Nice work! Keep the good work up! :+1:

:heart: Thx

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how do i install this

read the readme

how do i use it or put it on a ped? noob):

It’s a locked model you would need the unlocked model.

Gotcha gotcha