[Release] EUP Detective Holster | Updated (Female Holster)

HOW do i install eup server side plz help me

eup-stream > stream (Drag & drop will ask to replace make sure you hit yes for all!)

Are you going to make a Male one?

Both male & female holsters are in the download file!

Might finish this project!

So i know im a little late but do you plan on updating this with the new mag pouches? The base eup one that this replaces has mag pouches so why not have them

I didn’t really plan on it

also i put the male version in and it floats off on the side of the hip


no weapon pull animation?

Not a script

does this only work on female peds or can any ped use this

There is 2 files one for the male & one for the female ped!

Where is the holster in game. Like in what categorie

necks & scarfs / neck & chains

It doesnt work for some reason do u know why?!



What do you mean?