[RELEASE] [ESX] Statusbars Made By Meme!

Dont reupload my work / sell it! But feel free to edit / use it!

Hello im finaly releasing my food and water bars to the whole community! (Released to the swedish Fivem Sverige for about 3 moths ago)



If u want to use JSFOUR-TOILET you need to do some config in your basic needs

Cred to Kamkus for the base of the health / armour bars!


Ssssooooo… What exactly is this? There have been so many releases lately that are pretty much exactly this. Just some CSS changes…

And also, no Discord promotions within releases please thx

Why i put in my discord is for support rn im helping a dude i hang out in discord alot more and i dont mean to promote my discord name or anything just for the community!

But like… support can be provided on here.

EDIT: Has been removed as per the rules for releases.

Yea cus i allways check discord thats also why i did put it in there!

It’s just not allowed.

However, thank you very much for this. What does each color do?

eatch color is


Nice. hmmm… I’m gonna have to get rid of the bathroom stuff and make one of them for being drunk, but great release, thanks for sharing.

Np for sharing but i didnt want to add a drunk one and it was a big topic having pee / poop in the swedish community before but i will sit down and design some new personal one rn!

You don’t have to do that for me, I’m able to do my own editing. You share what you have, never make changes for people. Fixes maybe, but changes, no. The way I see it, you designed it for what you needed and shared it when you didn’t have to. So I’ll do my own edits to make it work for me :wink:

Yea but i mean personal for my own server but i think ill get some hrs of sleep rn and make that tomorow! but have a really good night / day!

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Would look really nice i vrp, but insted of pee and poop end stinma and how long time under water?

i have used these before, and they didnt worked for me, the 4 bars at the bottom only came up after i had been eating, is it fixed yet?

Not gonna use this, but I would make a suggestion that the voice bar goes up and down depending on the users volume of their mic.

i’m confused, because you used my script, changed the name of script, and didn’t even said that you do things like that :confused:

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Do you mean that it’s stolen from you?

Yep. health_statuses are mine, even readme is mine, look, there is cs_healthbar in readme xD

I used ur bars i can give cred :0 because it feelt un neccesary making own ones but ill give you cred forgot that i used em! + i removed them now from my personal ones if u get triggerd by having my css edit of em used u can tell me and ill get rid of it!

Cus u have UG scripts and the wrong basic needs!

nah i have the normal basic needs, and the bars is onlyu coming up when i have eaten