[Release] [ESX/Standalone] Graffiti/Spray Text on Walls

Cost: €20.00 | $24.00 excl. VAT
Tebex URL: https://store.rcore.cz/package/4519966

Have you ever wanted to spray on walls in Los Santos? Now is the day!

With this Spray script, you can spray any text on any surface, anywhere. Works great in multiplayer environment.

Get an item named spray in your inventory and type /spray some_word, and a spray settings menu will pop up. To remove a spray, either wait for 2 days or use item called spray_remover.

You can change keybinds, persistance duration, language in config file.

Get this Graffiti script TODAY over at our Tebex store - https://store.rcore.cz/package/4519966 - Full source code included

Graffiti/Spray features

  • Works out of the box with ESX, easily changeable to any framework
  • Both spray and spray remover are inventory items
  • Awesome performance
  • Can display up to 12 sprays at a time on screen (but unlimited map-wide)
  • 8 preconfigured fonts
  • Stays even after restart (configure how many days it stays there)
  • Full source code included
  • Looks great at day and night
  • 21 preconfigured colors
  • Supports OneSync/OneSync Infinity

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Our favorite customer testimonial - Revival RP | J. Kallam - project owner

rcore is by far some of the best scripts that FiveM has ever seen! Revival Role Play is happy to be partnered with the rcore team and enjoy not only using the scripts on the server but also helping to provide useful feedback to the team at rcore to perfect the already amazing product. Also worth mentioning is the amount of one on one help and teaching provided by the team at rcore in order to make scripts work in the way that is needed on our server, and the friendships built in doing so. We can’t recommend them enough! You will never go wrong in spending a very resonable amount for incredible scripts that will bring something special to your role-play server, and the fantastic customer support behind it!


Very good script!, Useful for roleplay servers, it has no bugs and works excellent, it allows you to configure many useful things.
Very good work! 100% recommended

I didn’t find a better script, it works beautifully on any wall or roof, it’s great, I recommend

@rcore just an idea; this might need some sort of player log implemented, maybe even along with a word/phrase blacklist… you know; in case someone sprays a slur or something of the sort. That way server owners can go and look through the log and deal with the player as they see fit. i would suggest also including the player’s id’s in the log so if necessary the server owner could ban them.

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Is this script obfuscate?

hey this looks insane!! Awesome job!! Are you able to blacklist certain words from being sprayed?

No, after purchase, you receive full source code without any obfuscation or IP lock

I’ll be adding that today :slight_smile:

I’ll be adding that later today, but its very easy to do, considering you get full source code. if you purchase it before I add it, just contact us and we’ll send you updated copy :slight_smile: (or you can redownload the updated copy later)

is an image file of the graffiti saved in the resource? or how does it work? Looks sick though, good work!

@SASSBoss @ReadyP1ayerTwo Just had a bit of free time so I added support for blacklisting words :slight_smile: Just re-download the resource and it’ll be right there.

See video, it is not using images, it’s using fonts and text. You can even add custom fonts, player just types a word they want to spray, select font and boom, it gets projected on a wall. Stays even after restart - its persisted in database.

Yeah, but does it convert it to an image or? What file format will it be saved as?

I was looking about to make that kind of resource, but no idea on how to draw any text

can i know what do you use, are you using CEF to render the text font or some thing similar?

It is not necessary (perhaps even not posible) to save it as image. It saves it as text+fontid and renders it with 3d scaleform

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CEF (iirc thats the chromium atop GTA?) would not allow you to create in-game 3d art in sane manner (I was theorycrafting a solution, terrible, terrible one).

This is using good ol’ scaleform

Ah okay, cool :smiley: I was wondering if you’d be able to save your graffiti for use outside of the game that’s all. :pray:

You could in theory - its just text with font. This resource does not do that, you’d need to build it with javascript environment

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Of course you can use CEF atop GTA and make some thing similar, but iirc(i have no idea how)
i do see some one doing it,

anyway are you loosing in performence using a lot of “spray” on walls ?

Just because you can doesn’t mean its a good idea. You’d need to fake the 3d positioning just to get the angles right but you’d never have 3d occlusion - see second image where light post is blocking the spray tag.

Drawing many sprays at once is somewhat slow, but you’ll never really notice it - you don’t see sprays all the time.