[Release] ESX_ShowCommands (/showjob,cash,bank,dirty and society)

Here lies my first ever script. I’d love to take full credit for this but I’ve had help from other users across the forums. It’s a really basic script which allows you to find out simple information such as:

• Cash in wallet (/showcash)
• Bank balance (/showbank)
• Dirty money (/showdirty)
• Job title (/showjob)
• Society Money (/showsociety)
• Show all (/showall)

My main purpose for this script was to get rid of ESX’s default hud that would normally display these in the top right. Personally I think it’s too common and almost every ESX server has it. If you’re having trouble removing this hud from your server just go to es_extended/config.lua and put this at false as shown below.

Config.EnableHud            = false -- enable the default hud? Display current job and accounts (black, bank & cash)

This is a remake of https://github.com/qalle-fivem/esx_showjob so props to Calle, Sadly it no longer works with the updated versions of ESX hence the remake.

All commands can be changed within the server.lua and this is using the standard notification system but can be changed easily depending on the notification script you’re using.

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/Calibrateds/esx_showcommands


• Added /showsociety - to display the users society account
• Added in the option to use Mythic Notifications
• Added /showall for all the notifications to appear one after the other (For them all to be instant you would have to remove or comment out all the Citizen.Wait(1500)

If you plan on using mythic notifications you will need to download it - [Dev-Resource] Mythic Notifications and uncomment the mythic notifications and comment out the ESX notifications.


There is pretty much same one called esx_slideui

So it is, Wish I knew that existed before I created this :roll_eyes:

Anyways nice release, i might check it out tommarow and use it

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Thats what im looking for!

Nice release. Is it possible to add society money for the boss?

Nice release, going to be using this for my server.

That would be sweet if you could make it to where Bosses have access to society.

In my opinion this would be much better if those all 4 notifications would come if you use just one command. And that command could be like /myinformation (just a example). It would be so simple too. But nice release. Keep it up!

Still a good release!
Many would appreciate it if they wish to keep the notification stye like this.

Not everyone trying to impress or imitate larger known servers.
Keep it up my man.

Added /showsociety that displays society money to users

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I like the look of this one better; I currently have a bulky ui addon to show this stuff, but I like the looks of this better.

is there a way like someone else suggested to show job/wallet/bank/dirty money, and if you’re the boss, society as well like your picture?

I personally feel like this would be cool as a single command that showed you all of the information. Less to remember.

Nice release … can you tell me if it is possible to make a command that shows what are the last digits of the player?

Thnx <3

Elaborate on the last three digits of the player?

As requested I’ve added /showall and fixed the issue with society

ESX.GetPlayerData() is a Client Function… how are you using it in a server script? also it’s erroring out saying PlayerData is nil because it can’t access that function on the server side.

I was wondering the exact same… LOL!

i guess it’s copy paste issue!. just delete there rows…

Slide UI heavily modifed to notifications and such. That’s fine. but you can do better with few variations such as Textmessage,notification or info box.

Nice bro, but i have done it in the boss actions;


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not a copy and paste issue LOL… i ended up taking the mythic_notify lines and swapping the notification lines in esx_slideui with the mythic_notify ones