[Release] [ESX] [Police Job]

No problem!

I fixed it with using esx_advancedvehicleshop now the garage works perfectly. I only need to find a way to adjust the handling of the standard police cars. They´re slow as…

Does F6 work in any other job? Can you see if there is any error in the console both in game and server

Hello… I am using the Poilcejob (lastet Version) and ESX_DRP-Garage. With the Policejob, people have to buy the cars and they will also stored in the private DRP-Garage. Is there a way to block or remove that. It is bad, if you fire an Cop and he still can park out the PD-Cars out of his private Garage

Hey i like to use the EUP menu in my Police job does somone done this and can help me with in i just dont want the /eup command just for the Police

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Hey… i am searching for a way to covert the EUP uniforms into the lockerscript of the esx police. is there a tutorial or something like this…