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Link does not work anymore. The Github got deletet

Will this be getting posted back up? I need the duplicate armoury glitch fix that was in the github

After restarting esx_policejob I got the following error:
[ script:esx_service] SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_service/server/main.lua:26: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘?’)
At the main.lua it looks as follows:

Does anybody knows where the issue is?


Having this Exact issue same issue.

Hello everyone,

I am new in here.

  • I got an issue with my “esx_policejob”.
    When i got the job as LSPD, and then log off the server, and later get back on the server, i am still in LSPD, but i cant do all the “police stuff”, as taking out a car, get weapons in armoury or change the clothes.
  • I have added all the other jobs, which all work perfectly., even when relogging.

Does anyone know how to fix this, i used pretty much all day yesterday to fix it, and nothing happend, still same problem., thats why i now ask all of you.

Btw. Sorry the bad english.

  • And thank you for the help.

I’ve had the same issue, you just need to restart the esx_policejob resource when the server has turned on, it’s not a great fix, but it’s working for me.

when i buy a police car it doesn’t show in the garage ? like the police garage when i buy it thru the police menu

Does this work with ESX Legacy? And is it really necessary to have essentialmode for this? Why the need of essentialmode and esx?

Has anyone got the fix for only one person to be able to access the armoury at once?

For whatever reason policejob never had the esx:playerLoaded event. Add to client/main

AddEventHandler('esx:playerLoaded', function(xPlayer)
	ESX.PlayerData = xPlayer
	ESX.PlayerLoaded = true

AddEventHandler('esx:onPlayerLogout', function()
	ESX.PlayerLoaded = false
	ESX.PlayerData = {}