[Release] [ESX] NL-System | Roleplay HUD CLEAN V0.3.a [PAID]

NL-System | Roleplay HUD CLEAN V0.3.a


  • Clean design.

  • Easy edit, and position change on CSS.

  • Job section seperated on CSS and easy positioning.

  • The content of the HUD adjusts to the resolution setting, even in windowed mode.

  • You can HIDE hud with press F10.

  • HUD automatic hide on pause menu, or other menu with activate pausemenu function.

  • This HUD can set up custom location ingame.

  • HUD display player job and grade, and display cash, bank, and dirty money amount.

  • Show health, stamina, armor, hunger, and thirsty with bar design.

  • Optimized performance. (0.02 - 0.03ms).


  • This hud required esx_status and small modification on esx_status.

[esx_status/client/main.lua 72 line]

1, Search → TriggerEvent(‘esx_status:onTick’, GetStatusData(true))

2, Replace → TriggerEvent(‘nl_hud:updateStatus’, GetStatusData(true))


  • This HUD tested and fully supported ES_Extended v1.1


  • This HUD after buyed, fully open source, not encrypted, you can modify.

  • Do not SHARE other site, or leake.


  • Thanks for buying my first script, and support for my work.


Tebex 11.43 EUR


  • Now support show faction money on boss grade rank.

  • Without boss grade rank, remove faction icon and money display automatically.

  • Required esx_society.

  • If there is a cash flow in the account, the value is updated immediately.

  • Added a new feature to make the HUD appear after the character is typed, so it is not visible when registering and loading.

  • Added esx_status bar remover.

  • Added under minimap HP and Armor bar remover.

With boss Rank
Without boss Rank

Need update, please PM me.


The hud design is simple in itself and cool, but the design code is a bit garbage, having to edit and move icon by icon gives a bit of a headache, it would have been better for you in blocks.

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yes it is possible, but I would trust this to one who arranges my own according to his conception. I love the design the most, and if you want to put someone in a row, you can do it more in the present form than in a tomb. but in any case it is possible if there will be more profiles, I will attach different versions to the download where it will be included and where it will be different.

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Thanks for the information and the answer, I repeat what was before. Optimization 10/10, design 10/10, only the subject of the css code I see a little loose nothing else. But in return to my last answare everything perfect and 100% recommended.

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Thank you for your opinion, I welcome any constructive criticism. I appreciate your satisfaction with the design and optimization. I will continue to focus on these aspects in the future, with a clearer CSS layout and solutions. And sorry for my english not perfect :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

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Hey i like your script could you add something to show player voice range?

Hello @Frosty_Zockt !

Not bad idea, i working tomorrow for integrate mumble woip with range check and display.

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Many thanks for the quick response. Could you add it for Saltychat too? I like to buy the hud but we use saltychat :smiley:

Dont know the salty chat implement. I only LUA language, i check the salty chat and search for oppurtunities :slight_smile:

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Hi How would i stop b on controller from toggling hud?

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I not heave controller. I driving to home and testing controll disabling for controllers.

I can’t move the icon !!! help

You can move icons on nui/css.css and go 317 line (/* + ICONS */) and you can positioning.

My water and food will not decrease

Only HP and body armor have an effect


I replaced it, but nothing happened

i sended private message :slight_smile:

sorry for asking this but where did you find does icon and what html of those colors

Hello, you can find the icon on html, and the colors on style css

did u get fix ?