[Release] [ESX] NL-System | Roleplay HUD CLEAN V0.3.a [PAID]

Hello this is by far the best and cleanest hud i know. es_extended and esx_identity and esx_status addet multicharacter Support after latest legacy update. Maybe you can add that the Hud get loadet after the player choose his character (or Hide it). That would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

To make the hunger and thirst bars workins with new esx_status edit line 92:

TriggerEvent(‘esx_status:onTick’, data)
TriggerEvent(‘nl_hud:updateStatus’, data)

I working at weekend thus function, good idea.

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New Update (hud)

  • Added a new feature to make the HUD appear after the character is typed, so it is not visible when registering and loading.
  • Added esx_status bar remover.
  • Added under minimap HP and Armor bar remover.

now supported ESX Legacy with multichar :slight_smile: @Frosty_Zockt

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nice thank you very much! :smiley: