[RELEASE] [ESX] [FREE] VB-Banking (Banking UI/UX)

Very nice looking script. Thanks for sharing it

what file would this go in mate?

is it possible to have more than 1 bank card?

hi, this script give me an error, con someone help me?
the error is :

You’re probably using this script on a non-esx server or you aren’t importing the ESX object correctly.

hi, this banking does not work with ATM? How to use sync with atm?

Will there be a QBCore version?


AddEventHandler(‘OuO_Bank:open’, function()

inMenu = true
SetNuiFocus(true, true)

SendNUIMessage({type = ‘openGeneral’, t= atbank})

TriggerServerEvent(‘vb-banking:server:balance’, inMenu)

her you go

Does this bring a billing script? I’m just worried that it will mess up my script for billing.

It would be nice to include corporate accounts for roleplay servers as well. But great work and UI!

Nice broooo

Very good script, but how can i change this currency sign?


Bro if this is free you are truly the man bro i been looking for a bank script and if this works you are truly the man. :v: :heart: :pray:

so your saying this works or don’t work? because it’s not working in my server it doesn’t allow me to deposit any money or withdraw or anything. and there isn’t any readme file on how to install it man, what should I do with this file if anyone can help, please help thanks.

where do i find the post requests because mine isn’t working at all no deposits no withdraws or anything it only lets me open and close it and so don’t change the folder name? all i named it was vb-banking that is the name what all do i have to do to any of the folders to get it to work? would be nice if you can set up the files and we can just download them for ESX