[Release] [ESX] Character Selection

I installed it on my server, which is running esx v1 final, but i installed it correctly and adapted it, so it will work fine. I also got an error, when displaying the sign the ped is holding but fixed that by changing the way, the scripts gets the player money. but now all the player does is standing still there…

and after i press enter the player walks and shows the finger but a few seconds later i crash

idk if its because of the new esx, if you want more details ill give you everything :+1:

thanks for the help

EDIT: heres a video https://youtu.be/cNZneuY9uiU
just ignore the shops and apple script errors, they have some missing database things and drugs has a config error, i know it

Hey guys!

I’ve trying to add this mod to my server, but I’m getting this error?
Anyone know why? I’ve installed everything

Thanks all

Did you ever find a fix to this? Im having the same issue

any updates to this, anyone get it working with kashactors?

I tried to install this but the tutorials line placement isn’t right

no way

Doesn’t work